Iron-rich food for anaemia

Top 5 Food that is high in Iron, which can help Anaemia

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Health food on the table
food on a table

Anaemia is a major health issue faced all around the globe, there are a lot of cases of anaemia in developing countries. Like that in India, it may be a seemingly common condition in India, with about 50 % to take care of in the population, affected by nutritional anaemia caused by the deficiency of iron, B-complex vitamin c and vitamin B 12.

There are policies by the govt. to assist eradicate a large number of anaemia cases in India. That has schemes of fortification of food and giving vitamin Bc, Iron supplements for free of charge. It won’t be much harmful to men apart from dizziness, except for women who are pregnant or have undergone multiple pregnancies.

Healthy food on the table
feast on a table

Anaemia is often harmful to some extend. There are tons of food items that are rich in Iron, B-complex vitamin c and vitamin B 12. they will improve one’s health also slowly cure the continued anaemia in one’s body. For more tips and tricks to a healthy diet, more tips and tricks on how to boost, click on the link

1) Meat

Iron rich food for anaemia
A piece of steak

Lean meat like young lamb or bovine shoulder, which are red but dont contain much fat, preferred. organ meats from animals presumably, liver contains a high amount of iron and other minerals. Seafood like meat from clams, oysters, mussels and shrimp contain high amounts of iron and mineral too.

Iron rich food
Mussels in a soups

If these two sorts of meat are unavailable to you. You can always try sardines or any fatty fishes, and domestic poultry birds like chicken or turkey too. Animal products are rich sources of direct intake of Hemi iron and Choline ( choline, is a nutrient found in 1998, it helps in increasing vitamin Bc also as iron in our body ).
As a vegetarian who is unable to eat meat, sources like Soyabeans ( Tofu, nuggets etc ), green beans can help tons because they’re rich in both protein and iron.

2) Leafy Dark Green Vegetables

Iron rich food, dark green leafy vegetables
Green vegetables

Vegetables and fruit are a crucial source of fibre, vitamins and minerals for our body in our daily diet. A healthy diet consists of getting a minimum of 200g of fresh vegetables 3 times each day.
Dark greens like Spinach, Kale, Beet Greens( the leaves of beetroot, radish etc), Collard contain 2.4- 6.4 mg of iron in 100g. Soybean and its byproduct Tofu also contain high amounts of Iron.

Spinach, dark green leafy vegetables

Frying Tofu and adding Teriyaki sauce thereto not only gives an honest flavour but gives it a crunchy, juicy bite too. Vegetables like string beans can also help if the above-mentioned vegetables are not accessible. Green pulses are also a good source of iron even though they’re very hard to cook, as they take long time and there is a huge chance of getting overcooked or undercooked .

3) Dry Fruits, Nuts and seeds

Dried food, iron rich food
Dried apricots

The Dry fruits are an excellent source of iron dried apricots having almost 6.3 mg of Iron in 100g and raisins having 2.6 mg in 100g. There are only a few seeds having rich iron content but Pumpkin seeds have high contents of both iron and calcium are easily available as packed good or can be made at home via de-seeding a raw pumpkin and roasting, sun-drying the seeds. Nuts like cashews ( which also good for cavities ), walnuts, Pine Nuts, hazelnuts. But, pistachios being the simplest nuts with high content of iron and almonds being the second choice.

5) iron Fortified food for Anaemia,

Iron-fortified food, salt

in 2018, FSSAI made it mandatory to implement fortification of food such as atta, maida, vegetable oil and salt. The rules stated that they will make it mandatory to fortify food with needed nutrients as per the govt rules and make the fortified food easily available all over India and it’s union territories. Recently, salt has been fortified with both iodine and iron.

Britannia biscuits, iron-fortified food
Britannia biscuits

Fortification is that the process during which a mineral or vitamin is artificially introduced into the food. a number of the Indians food policies that have helped in iron fortification are some easily available food like breakfast cereals from Kellogs,biscuits from Britannia, Iron chest cuffs by Lehar. The newly endorsed iron fortification of grains mostly rice by the central govt also has been an excellent success in Udaipur. The food is easily available to all and is mostly sold at a low price for easy accessibility, distribution and consumption by the public.


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