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Earlier, the traditional home design industry was exceptionally divided and the design plan or procedure involves the coordination with several local vendors, visiting neighbourhood market for design-ideas-product research, paying high amount to interior designers for design consultations, and after all this chaos still not finding the right design or interior designer for the dream project.


In December 2014 Livspace, a home interior solution startup was launched by Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma. Livspace is a one-stop shop for all home owners and for those who want their dream home. Being a three-sided home interior solution marketplace and design automation platform, Livspace connects home owners, certified designers, and vendors. 

“When I tried to design my home back in America, I realised that what should ideally be a fun, exciting experience actually results in a ton of frustration. And that’s the story worldwide,” starts Anuj Srivastava, the co-founder of Livspace, an end-to-end home design and decor service provider.

According to the founder, nowadays people have a high, solid consumer need for a high-quality, personalized, and predictable experience in home design and decor market sector and Livspace aims to be their one-stop solution. With the help of Livspace, people can discover numerous designs for all types of rooms and even customize the design to their liking be it color, material or style and get the exact look in couple of weeks.

The company is on the edge of home interior transformation.  Over a couple of years Livspace, have designed a singular platform for all marketplace participants – starting from integrating the catalogue to customer inspiration, design, visualization, shopping cart and fulfilment.


It all started with the combined frustration of college friends, Anuj Srivastava and Ramakant Sharma had while setting upon their journey to design their dream homes. It didn’t take them much time to realize how vast and diverse the industry was and how factors like identifying the right professionals, coordination of tasks, and ensuring fair price and quality was a tedious task instead of being a fun. 

“I had an apartment in San Francisco and while I used Houzz to find a designer, it literally took me nine months and lots of misery to get my home designed. Ramakant was here in India and had spent countless months with carpenters, designers — who’re not very well-trained, and visits to stores to finally get his kitchen and home design done. Meanwhile Shagufta, then at Space Matrix, had worked with thousands of apartments through property builders and realised that this is a complicated problem and needs a smooth addressal,” recollects Anuj.

Anuj also observed companies like One King’s Lane and Houzz in the US, that inspired to launch this startup. The duo collectively thought if they could design an end-to-end experience where homeowners can discover thousands of great quality designs, personalize the designs to their liking, and then deck up their homes or the home design in weeks, it will be fun. 

Before this startup, Anuj used to work as a techie in an IT firm, said  “For close to two-to-three months, I was working out of my bed, and the lack of a separate work and living space was starting to get to me. Not to forget, the posture and health issues I started facing.” After the issues he faced, he decided to redesign his home and design a separate place for workstation, which gave him a luxury and benefits of separate workspace away from the living area.


As the pandemic effected the business during lockdown, the business slowly and steadily opening up. Since May 2020, Livspace witnessed a 4X faster recovery it had during the lockdown. The startup has been designing and managing more than 5,100 homes since unlock began, and even the demand for home owner were back as it was before COVID having over 1,20,000 requests.

“From small to big retailers, the shift towards digital has seen a seven to eight year leap in the past six to seven months. One of the biggest shifts we have seen is that people are willing to remodel and design completely online, without meeting people. There is an adoption of video and audio calls. My sense is that this is a permanent shift,” explains Ramakant. 

Acknowledged as a fastest-growing companies in India, Livspace became a company of more than 500 talented and strong employees as of 2017. The startup massively scaled up since its inception in December 2014.

“I remember having a small team of under 50 back then. I believe we’ve continually attracted the top talent in the country and we’re proud to foster an environment of entrepreneurship, autonomy, and growth. Everyone who chooses to work for Livspace realises that we have a huge opportunity here to solve the problem of home design.All around the world, it has never been attempted before at this scale. I personally believe in the strength of great teams and these teams are what make a company successful. I take great pride in the entire Livspace team,” says Anuj. 

Working and competing in this diverse and unorganized market, Livspace transformed its strategies. In the year 2015, it acquired startups like DezignUp, Dwll.In, YoFloor, and Klozee. The startup’s vision really is to make it one of the most innovative Internet and technology companies to come out of India and be a true advanced technology and design innovator. Livspace has the huge opportunity to be the world’s largest interior design brand online and the team at Livespace are confident of creating a billion-dollar company in the market.


Livspace offers an end-to-end home design experience. It is like ‘your personal home designer’ online but not like the traditional designers, do not charge for the consultation of look, the design service, or the last step of installation process. With Livspace, one has to just pay for buying home products that include the furniture, services, and other products, everything else is free of cost. Thus, it offers a fast, pleasant, home design experience which actually comes at an affordable price. Livspace designs enables interior designers to plan and design the space in 2D, on a floor plan.

The same can be transformed into a 3D design instantly at the click of a button. The designers can plan effectively and the homeowners can visualize effectively with a single, free tool on the cloud. “One of our recent innovations was the launch of world’s first home design automation platform. The platform for the first time anywhere in the world, combines the ease and merit of ecommerce type purchases, algorithm-driven design content automation, platform capabilities of an AirBnB and Uber, plus the capabilities of design software you see from the likes of Adobe and Autodesk,” says Anuj.

By Gitika Mandhana

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