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Top 5 Healthy Lifestyle Apps you need to know

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Healthy Lifestyle apps help you to make your life better. Read below to get to know about the best five apps that can make your life a better version.

The lifestyle apps are more than just proper nutrition and consistent exercise. It is also about clothes, baggage, shopping and much more. Lifestyle apps allow you to order your favourite dress from your fingertip. It also gives an opportunity to split any complicated dinner bill in two minutes. There are plenty of apps that make your life easy. These apps are easily available in Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Here are some of the best lifestyle apps that can easily make a difference in your life. 



Shopwell is one of the best healthy lifestyle apps. It is available for both iPhone and Android users. Shopwell is an app known to help users identify the nutritional details in food products that can fit in their unique lifestyle. It tells you about all the ingredients which are used in your food products after scanning the barcode. It also tells about the ingredients and their information that are required and match your dietary needs. The most amazing part of this app is that it recommends conditions like pregnancy, diabetes problem, cholesterol problem, and much more. Also, it recommends the food and diet plan accordingly. You can also share the recommended food list with your family and friends. 


How amazing is it when your laptop and phone respond to you? It will increase your productivity. Like, send you an email whenever there is a new file in dropbox or send you the notification regarding local weather forecast at a specific time of the day. IFTTT is the best platform for this. IFTTT stands for “If This, Then, That.” It allows you to decrease your manual work by going through all the news and social media accounts and informs you about the notification. IFTTT also alerts you when something is important to you. The user-friendliness of the app allows the user to maintain the functioning of this app.


Life is indeed stressful. Headspace is the app that makes your mind relax and your body guide with meditations and relaxation techniques. The app deals with a variety of problems ranging from anxiety to insomnia. It helps to deal with the trouble concentrating and make you fix your mindset towards your goal. Along with all these, Headspace gives you concentrated lessons and tracks the progress. All in all, this app helps you to stay focused and boost compassion. 

Yahoo! Weather

Yahoo! Weather

There are so many weather apps for the users. iOS users even have a default weather app. But trying Yahoo! Weather gives an opportunity to use a beautifully designed and easy app. It provides so more information to the users than any other weather app. Also, this app understands the importance of privacy. Therefore, it keeps all the information secret. The app has all the UI/UX features. You can add more than one location. By this, you can easily check the weather of the place where you want to travel. Yahoo! Weather is available for both Android and iOS users. 


Some people are fond of checking in to the different places. Swarm is a lifelogging app which allows you to connect with different people. It also log the places you visit at a daily basis. You can check in to the type of the places your family and friends like. Lets say, your friends have checked in the gym more than you, then Swarm tally checkins to any of the fitness facility. It will give the similar information regarding the other restaurants and bars. Recently Swarm launched a new version that is Swarm 5.0.

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There are the top best healthy lifestyle apps for you. There are many more lifestyle apps which you can try to use. These apps allow you to improve your lifestyle by recording your history in different fields and gives you an opportunity to make yourself better. Keep these apps in yourr mobile phones to get results.

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